Friday, August 7, 2015


Harmony and Alannah

Today was an unusually busy day; I am going to bed winded and exhausted.  Fridays are my days to go to Chico and “help” Alicia (Grandma language for ‘my day with my granddaughters’). It also is one day before Alannah turns four years old. 

In true Grandmother fashion, I brought a helium tank, balloons, and gifts.  Alannah, like her mother, loves to celebrate her birthday. 

“I’m so glad we’re making a party!” She told me, excitedly.  This was before or day turned busy and filled with activity.  “Who is invited?”

Alannah loves people and of course the first thing she wants to do is invite a bunch of folks to my private birthday party.  I cannot help comparing this behavior to her mother – my  own baby who also loves a lot of company when I desire private time with her; a girl who loved people around.   

If we are in Safeway, Alannah will strike up a conversation with the random person picking out oranges next to our cart.  “What’s your name?” 

The person will be so charmed, they tell her.  She starts asking about their family, their favorite fruits, if they regularly have oranges…  It is a sight to see.
When we finally had arts and crafts time in the afternoon, Alannah drew a picture of her “birthday party” – one she was having for herself on paper. 

“EVERYONE is invited!” She exclaimed, drawing stick person after stick person with smiling faces.  “This is Mama!  This is Harmony!  There you are Grandma – and here is Grandpa! Here is Jensen!  This is Yaya and Owa with Sissy… here is Daddy.  This is Auntie Morgan and Jay-D…I have to make Auntie Alannah and Kynan.  Here is Baby Scarlett – and here is Baby Harvey.  Scarlett has to watch out for Harvey because she is older than him….”

I looked up from chopping celery to survey her picture.  It was filled with activity and life.  “How do you know that Scarlett is older than Harvey?” I asked her. 

“Here are my girl cousins.  Laila and Lili and Lauren…”

It is hard to talk about the swells of love that come and go in my heart.  I explode with joy and love for the life in Alannah.  I love how she wants to bring us all together in her picture even if we can’t be together in person.  

I decided to sit down and draw with her.  I made a card with a big cake on it – four layers with four candles- since she is four years old.

“No Grandma!  I want just a little cake!”

Next to the tall cake, I drew a cupcake.  Harmony leaned over and drew and arrow next to it.  “There!  That’s the one Alannah will eat!”

And that’s the one she’ll pretend to eat.  A paper cupcake for my little baby granddaughter – who is already four.  Time certainly flies.

Happy Birthday, Alannah!  Grandma loves you!

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