Monday, April 9, 2018


Vince's First Picture--April 9, 1985

Vincent was born on April 9, 1985. 

He was my first-born son, so his birth changed my life completely.  As most mothers can attest to, the human heart swells to gargantuan proportions after the birth of a child and from that day forward, your life is forever defined as “before” and “after”  that  baby.  One moment, it’s all about you and the next moment, everything is about them, them, them.  I was twenty-two years old when I became a mother to this baby—who is now a man. 

Vince's First Fish--Lake Alpine

I got out my calculator today and figured it out—because I don’t believe it. Today Vince is thirty-three. When I gave birth, I was twenty-three, ten years younger than he is now.  I was oddly unprepared for the task of raising a man, and he grew so quickly, taking big leaps that made my heart swell and break at the same time.  Today he is mechanical minded, strong, and wicked smart.  He owns—and maintains—a big monster truck that scares me.  He is a good father to Scarlett, our beautiful granddaughter, and a wonderful partner to Rikki.  It is a pleasure to see them together as a family.

Vince,  Rikki and Scarlett --Thanksgiving 2016

The cliché that life goes by so fast is very true.  I am grateful for every moment we have together, because the blessing of family is one that I will never take for granted.   

Happy Birthday, Vince!  I love you, my dear son.  As long as I’m living…well, you know the rest.