Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I hate looking like an idiot, but I'm surprisingly good at it!  Especially when it comes to dancing.  Then I give idiocy a new look, like a professional sheen.  Multiply that by 50 and that's me doing the diski.

I could care less!!  I'm doin it!!!

If you see South Africans rythmically kicking an imaginary soccer ball and then stepping in time together, that's the diski.  A mixture of African folk music and dance groove is the preferred accompaniment.  To see fit done properly makes you want to join in and make an absolute South African soccer fan of yourself.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself!!


Once you've loaded the video, you'll see what I mean.  Even more contagious is seeing the township kids doing it.  It's all they need for a spurt of happiness.

My friend Portia has two amazingly adorable boys, Darrell and Eby.  Darrell (Darely) knows how to diski like a pro.  I mean, a full blown pro.  The night of Portia's party I was inviting people to come back for our World cup party, enticing them with Diski lessons, given by our resident pop-lockers, Acid Lunatics.  As I was talking, Darely was passing by and stopped, smiled, then rocked back and forth, rhymically hitting the imaginary ball with his head.  I screamed with laughter and hugged him, overcome with love and happiness.

The Sandton Convention Center (a normally very buttoned-up business meeting place) has started to put on  free Diski Dance Lessons by its own staff members for all events hosted at the centre from now until the World Cup kick-off . 

"Hosting the Fifa World Cup on African soil for the first time in its history gives all of us as South Africans, and Africans, the opportunity to celebrate our culture and bring a truly African rhythm to the event," Executive Director, Mati Nyazema said.

That's what the diski does.

I imagine, God loves his kids dancing!!

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