Monday, June 14, 2010


                                                   Breakfast before the Soccer Match

If you take all of the costs that come from an international move (and they are extensive) the one that keeps recurring is giving up close physical contact with your family.

When we left the USA, we stretched our necks toward Africa, and our destiny here.  Leaving wasn't easy, but we felt a huge call of God on our lives, and we were destined to make the move to Johannesburg.  We inherited a beautiful church family with the Junction.  Craig and Suzanne, our lead elder couple at Junction, embraced us and we were brought in with love and thanksgiving.

Little by little, the costs of separation from our children, my parents, our siblings, neices, nephews... grandchildren -  appeared more distinct and more gut-wrenching.  At times days are interrupted with tears and twinges of envy when I hear another close by relish a moment with MY family.

Still, my family I cannot see tries to support us in the best way they know how- encouraging words.  Mario, y rock and family forever, is less inclined to feel the deep heart tugs that flatten me.  Instead, he "misses" like fog.  By this, I mean he misses everyone in a  misty, opaque feeling that he knows "will eventually lift".   I miss like a tidal wave... and that needs no explanation.

Our family now in South Africa is our church, and we see some of these folks as kin.  These special, close relationships that were given by God to show us that His family is so much larger than we can imagine.
I am going through pictures today of the last weekend, and see how much God has done for us... giving us family here and allowing me to feel deeply for my family there.

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