Monday, July 5, 2010


Nederlands                                                                                       v.  Uruguay

Tomorrow night my most excellent friends, Manny and Terry are being ordained onto eldership at Junction.  I confess I have never been this enthusiastic about anyone being appointed to eldership, mainly because elders are placed into the role before I have them in my head as fulfilling the role.  I'm sure people said the same about us.

The truth about Manny and Terry is that they are humble and genuine leaders.  Greek by birth, we jokingly call Manny "The Junction Concordance" because he is fluent in the language.  His knowledge of Biblical material is almost hidden inside of his love for God and others.  Terri is a friend and a sister, who really loves her man and their son, Calvin.  They have walked a hard road together lately, with Calvin sick and hospitalized for various concerns.  The devil is a liar....

As if their ordination is not enough reason for a bru-ha-ha... we are also having Marcus Herbert from Cornerstone Church (one of the largest NCMI churches in Johannesburg) in for training.  He'll relay some wisdom to us as we meet as leaders, brothers and sisters, fellow warriors.  Then he'll ordain Manny and Terry.

The cherry on top of the night is the semi-final soccer match.  The Nederlands (Holland) will square off against the most hated team in the Rodriguez Casa- Uruguay.

Uruguay knocked our beloved Bafana Bafana out of the cup, they also beat Mexico and knocked them out.  The latest insult was the "defeat" of Ghana, the last African team in the cup, and a serious reason for Africa to mourn.

Team Uruguay is hardly worth doing a dance about.  Suarez is a baby with so much drama in his game he should be called Julia Roberts Suarez.  By comparison, he is easier to stomach than the diva Breck Girl Diego Forlan (who is such a hot dog he should play with a roll on his back.)  I just have to pretend I don't know about a midfielder for Uruguay named Ignacio Gonzalez (My grandfather's name).

The Nederlanders are a skilled yet boring team (disallowing their star, Wesley Sneijder) but I want them to give the Uruguayans a royal Dutch kick in the ass. Right in their spoiled, priveleged asses.  Oh yeah, I said it... that's right!! (I told you I don't know much about soccer, right??)

This is no longer soccer, this is personal.

Spain is the only team left (after Nederlands kicks the Uruguayans out) that will be strong Latinos speaking Spanish.  I'm willing to root for Nederlands tomorrow just so Spain can kick their Dutch asses on the 11th.  After all, I am a Rodriguez, and my husband's family fled Franco to come to the it will be a sincere familia cheering.

By the way, tomorrow night will also be a great a catered dinner with a wonderful menu.  A local chef is cooking for us, and we will all be served (as leaders) on china and eat with knife and fork.

I didn't say so earlier, but I am in charge of coordinating the event, so it has been a rush to get stuff done, but it will be a celebration.

 That's what makes churches family - celebrating together.


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  1. My friend, Janet, the deep philosopher now an amazing sportscaster. You are amazing, as always.