Saturday, May 2, 2015


And see?  Here's a picture of me.
Aren't I cute?  That has to be worth something...

I used to hate fellow writers who shamelessly self-promoted.  I grew weary of their advertising, most of them wrote books I'd never read, had posts I seldom agreed with - made little sense and had little pride.

Now I know their plight.

Writing is a thankless job with the most internal rewards I can ever imagine.  Most of us earn meager livings as technical writers or copy editors; the greatest joy is sometimes carried over into daily expressions on our blogs, my own is this one - Brazen Princess.

Today is the last day of KCRA's A-LIST, a local area competition that is based on viewer response.  My own blog, Brazen Princess, at this writing, is in the top ten, but with only one day left of voting, I am hoping to get out the vote and make it into the all-important top-5.

With a top-5 rating, I am "seen" - or noticed.  I have told myself that this means I am a good writer- the truth is that my blog (at this writing) is sandwiched between two beauty blogs that sing the praises of hair extensions and age-defying products.  In other words, literary blogs (I might flatter myself) are giving way to commercial blogs; self-promoters who have better looking blogs and advertise better than I do!!


Can I ask you to vote for me?  It's free (albeit a bit of a hassle) here's the link:
I sign in with my twitter account, which is the easiest way to do this, but you can create a KCRA account and then delete it later...

If you previously voted – thank you so much!! 
You are able to vote more than once!  You’ll just need to go to the main -  Best Local Blogger page. Once there, hover over the tile for Brazen Princess and click the yellow VOTE button!

Thank you!!!


Find us on the A-List Brazen Princess Brazen Princess

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