Sunday, May 10, 2015


Today I don’t want to write a blog about what I think motherhood is; I want to show you.

This is my Mom. 
She had five kids and stayed home with us and made our house a home.   She cooked meals for us and made sure we knew how to make our mark in this world.  My Mom was a woman whose life and work centered around our home; in my first year of college she went to work at a law office.  It was the first job she had outside the home - and she worked there for nearly ten years. 

This is Me.
I am a Mom.  I had two biological children and two step-children.  I have spent many nights staring at my ceiling, praying for my kids and asking God to make sure they are safe and healthy.  I pray that their kids are safe and healthy.  My refrigerator is filled with pictures of them, ranging in ages and activities.  I love them so much my heart hurts.

I always thought that my own mother was a natural – everything came easy for her.  Motherhood for me was stressful- I always wished I was more like her.  It got me wondering if my own daughter felt the same way....

This is my daughter.
She is now a Mom, so I have come full circle.  This week I interviewed her about motherhood.  What she said surprised me. 

“A Mother’s love is complicated.  Being a Mom is selfless; our lives are based around the needs of our children.  I got a new perspective after I had two children, when I realized how physically and emotionally draining being a Mom was.  In the early years, kids are just learning to express themselves and their emotions get all twisted up inside them.  It’s hard for us to put ourselves in their shoes, but we need to.   
I always wondered if my Mom had to deal with me in the way I have to deal with my own children.  Everyone handles things differently….”

This is my Mom, me and My daughter.
We have an immense amount of love and respect for each other.  The life of a mother is stressful, but it is a job we clearly wanted and it's wonderful and worth it all. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

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