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Today's blogging statistics - I better post!!

The truth about blogging is that is an expression of oneself.  What’s true for one blogger is not necessarily true for another.  Before you take in anyone’s advice on “How to Blog” remember that. 

With that disclaimer firmly in place, here are things I wish I knew when I started:

1.  KNOW your audience.

The word BLOG is short for web-log – you are logging online.  There is a place to track stats on your blog – for blogger (google’s ultra-easy start up) it is on the dashboard under “stats.”  Once you determine who is reading you and where your audience is coming from, you have opportunity to speak personally  to them. 

2.  RESPECT your audience.

People who are reading your blog are (for the most part) busy.  They check in with you while they are in doctor’s waiting rooms, gymnastic practice, now and then on their computers checking facebook.   Most are looking to be inspired, motivated, or challenged. 

Don’t whine, complain or pontificate.  Your audience is busy and will move on (and not read you) if you do.

3. KNOW your funnels (your blog’s entry sites).

Every blog has readers coming in from different places.  Most of the readers of Brazen Princess use a computer with a Firefox web browser.  They usually check in mid-day in the RSA and then evenings in the USA. 

I generally attract readers from facebook and twitter, but now and then see entry points coming from Russia and the Ukraine.  Go figure.

I am the first four hits when you Google Brazen Princess; Yahoo hits me three times first; Bing also.   There is a racehorse with the name of Brazen Princess and also some porn site (sorry!).
Funnels bring the masses – know which ones are hitting you and where.

4.  WRITE what you know.

I wouldn’t dare to tackle the issues that NPR or Rush Limbaugh do within my blog posts.  For one reason only: I don’t track either one of those stations (and think of them as propagandist entertainment, rather than news) and I don’t consider myself a NEWS blog. 

When I do blog about news, it is the stuff that touches my life and affects what God has called me to do.  Even then, I am no expert and realize I am only one voice – a voice gifted to tell stories that ennoble the poor and distract the rich.  I deal in words that bring beauty and comfort, not headlines or opinion.

Know thyself.  Then write.

5.  READ

Read your readers’ blogs.  Read stuff that people send you in email.  Some of it is badly written; some of it may offend you.  I actually love reading webstuff…but books are my mainstay. 

If I could advise a blogger just starting out, I’d tell them to READ like they have just one day left on earth.  Then I’d tell them to READ like they had  a thousand years to finish their must-read reading lists. 


You’ll write better.
my favorite stats -
after a five word challenge -
one story for each of  my granddaughters 

6.  KNOW your most popular posts.

I know which posts have gotten the most hits; I know which ones my readers keep returning to.  It's all on the stats page.  I love it when people read the blog, because it is a part of me!

I’ve heard discouraged authors say that they “only blog” – Like it’s common and unusually easy to do.   Writers in Newspapers used to say this, including Mark Twain.  Musicians playing grunge music in garage bands said this, including Kurt Cobain.  Many, many people on the forefront of a movement say things like this… 

Granted, we don’t get paid, but we get read, if we do it right.

7.  BLOG a lot.

Once you know your audience and once you get in a groove, write.  Blog, even if you're busy.  I'm a fast writer, and as a result I get comments on my blog about typos now and then... but I'm glad to get them.  

Comments are wonderful.  It shows you've been there and appreciate what you've read.

So…please leave a comment and tell me what you think.  If you haven’t done it yet, please like my facebook page (Brazen Princess) or follow me on twitter (@brazenprincess).  Little things are happening that cause big changes.

Blessings and love,


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