Saturday, May 12, 2012


This week was the National Leaders Time Away for New Covenant Ministries, International, and we went to Pietermaritzburg to be a part of it.  It was a wonderful, reflective and exhausting time, and I'm ready for a break!!  

Before I went away, I wrote about each child, and blogged them, youngest to eldest on

Today, Mario read all of them and loved them.  He asked why I hadn’t posted them here on Brazen Princess.  So, I will link them now. 

I must say that Mother’s Day has been a hard day for the last seven or eight years.  It is the time when I no longer get cards done in crayon, letters written with ball pen on lined paper, or any other kind of greeting, for that matter.

It is a day when I miss my mother, the best mom anyone could ever hope for.  I miss her smell, her voice, her cooking.  I miss all of the kids and my grandchildren.  Two weeks ago, Alicia’s computer broke and I can’t see her or the girls on SKYPE.   

So while it is a hard day, I thank God for His mercy, which I believe you’ll see through these stories.  You can click on any link, and it will take you right to the story.  Please read them and enjoy, at your leisure.

God bless you, and Happy Mother’s Day.

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