Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's loud.  It erupts and pierces silence; dangerous in closed spaces.  Once it was banned from a ministry trip we took to Egypt.  I have been approached years after I had been somewhere and someone remembers me simply because they heard it.

It has to be one of the things I'm known for -- my laugh.

It is not easy to describe and when someone imitates it I get hurt - even if they're meaning it as a compliment! It has never been successfully duplicated by a human being...but my friend's parrot does it perfectly.  That says something , right?

Tonight some friends and I are taking a trip to a prison to laugh our heads off.  Let me explain what I mean:  Sue Jameson, one of my friends, is going to speak tonight at another friends church that meets in a tennis club on the grounds of a prison.

Sue, whom I met in the States, is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky woman that I didn't believe was a stranger after 2 hours we spent together.  We became instant friends...and many of our mutual friends have had the same experience meeting her.

The thing I remember most about our first meeting is that I almost didn't breathe for three minutes.  I was "silent laughing" so hard that squeals were coming out of my ears and people were watching...smiling.  Sue was laughing along with me, doubled over and red-faced; Nicole (my long time pal) was fanning herself with her own hand and "shriek laughing".  I am laughing even as I type this.

I love to laugh.

No kidding, Sue's job title is "Joy Activist" -- Life, Love and Laughter Coach".  If I didn't know her and found her business card I would think she was certifiable.  Since I know who she is, I get what she means.  People need help learning how to laugh.   No matter how they laugh, when you see someone caught up in the act of laughing, don't you want to join in??  Laughter is truly medicinal.

By itself, it's a serious evangelism tool.

It's almost time to go and I'm ready; I'm going to not drink water, bring two inhalers and wear waterproof mascara.

Can't wait.

Sue has recently published a book called "Imago - a Metamorphosis"  it is a story of the name of Jesus.  It is an amazing story of every Christian woman that is delivered into a life of joy.  You can order it for $6.95 by clicking this link:

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