Sunday, May 27, 2018


Abuela and Harvey

Yesterday Mario asked me how old Harvey was going to be today.  He was sure it had been two years since he was born in Seattle.

“Harvey and Scarlett are one year apart,” I answered, smiling.  “Which means Harvey will be turning three this year.”

At first Mario insisted that it had not been three years, but soon sighed and shook his head.  “I can’t believe it’s been three years.  Three years since that week.”

Before Vows--May 26, 2015

Mario is referring to the week of Harvey’s birth—one where we decided to go to Seattle and see Joe and Ariel, who were due to have the new baby at any moment.  The day after we arrived in Seattle, we followed Joe and Ariel to downtown Seattle, where they made their long-term relationship official and tied the knot at a cute little place called “The Shotgun Chapel.”

The following day, Harvey arrived.

It was a beautiful morning and the sun was shining–-I can remember it as clear as the Seattle sky was that day: rare and brilliant.  Without fuss or noise, Harvey Locke Rodriguez was born at home, entering the world with unusual contentment.   

Harvey Locke, 10 minutes old.

The trips from California to Washington were not as frequesnt as we’d like, so we saw Harvey grow up mostly through pictures.  At Christmas, we all met in Kansas City (at David and Lennae’s house) and reconnected.  I was amazed at how much Harvey had grown—a smiling baby with confidence and energy to rival his brother, Asher.  Trips back and forth to Seattle gave us snapshots of his life, but each time we shared the same joy—Harvey loves us and we love him.  Harvey has so much energy!  Harvey is the mischievous, playful, happy grandson!  Harvey is the beloved, the mighty, the beautiful.
Mario and Joe--exhausted from playing with Harvey!

Last year, Joe and Ariel relocated to Kansas City again, making them closer to David’s family, a nice distance for grandparents who have to fly to see grandchildren –and the kids, too (wink, wink).  At Christmas we visited them in their new house and Harvey spent the whole time in motion—the only time he really stopped was when he was sleeping.  I had to take extra vitamins just to feel normal. 

Earlier this year, Joe and Ariel had their third child, Theodore, making Harvey a BIG BROTHER!!  I know it all sounds clich√©,but once you start having Grandchildren, time goes by even faster!

Theodore, Mama, Harvey

I am typing this in the half-light of the early morning, thanking God for our Harvey.  I love how he loves life and runs into it without fear.  His face is filled with mischief and he’s always cooking up a plan to do something a little naughty—but funny.  Born in a place of contentment, raised in a place of safety, and growing with joy and affection from all sides, I can wish only one more thing: God’s amazing grace all over him and his family.  I also wish for a chance to see him soon!

Three Generations 2017

Happy Birthday, Harvey!  You are like sunshine to our lives!

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