Monday, April 27, 2015


It is nearing the end of the semester and I am counting on my endurance to carry me through.  Thanks to living through a lot of challenging times, I think I have an advantage over my fellow students who tend to panic when the pressure is too intense.  I think it also helps that I have (as Virginia Woolf said) “a room of my own” to work.

The four classes I’m taking all gave out syllabi at the beginning of the semester, but I didn’t realize the intensity of the writing assignments until about a week ago.  By the time I finish April, I will have finished three semester papers (one that is nearly 5000 words), reviewed three books (after reading them), given four oral presentations and taken four final exams.  At fifty two, I can say something that makes me smile: “That’s nothing compared to what young mothers have to do in a week!”

Honestly, I love the work – and I’m glad I can write.  The book reviews are the hardest because (as an author) I cannot in good conscience, skip over parts and say I’ve read the book.  Because of this, I have been caught up in them, especially one I’m reading for history: Lyndon B. Johnson and American Liberalism; A Brief Biography with Documents (Second Edition).  I adored it and would recommend it highly.  I never knew much about LBJ until I read this book; now I understand him (and the era) so much more. 

I told my friend today that I’m cranking out the homework, but nothing is as important as those final exams; everyone knows that you can lose a significant lead in the endgame.  I am trying not to.

I am also drawing to a close on the blog thing for KCRA’s A list.  There are only 6 days left to vote and I’d love to be in the top 5.  If you haven’t voted yet, I’d really appreciate your vote!  Here’s the link.  Until the end of the semester, my head is down, my chin is tucked in and I’m ready to rush. 

Look out.
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