Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Prayer before Easter Meal

As a Christian, Easter represents the most sacred day of our year. It's a day of celebration - Christ beat death and rose - what an incredible day for us!  We're given another year to celebrate each other and Christ!!!

This Easter marks the two year anniversary of Mario and I returning to Sacramento from Johannesburg - I can't believe it's been so long.

I thank God every day that we are back- we are happy and active and involved... I decided to post  some very precious pics - just to give you a sampling of what our lives are like (kind of) on a day of fun and celebration.
Mario serves his famous guacamole at my parents' house

Zuzu (fore) and Peaches before we have to put them outside...

Alicia prepares to dye eggs with the girls!

Alannah dyes eggs

Alicia and Alannah after hunting for eggs...
....and finding her basket!

Harmony finds her basket near the big trees

Four Generations

Then and now:
1995                                                       2015
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