Wednesday, July 2, 2014


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An unmarried Girl of the Black Forest wearing a red Bollenhut
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Top Ten things I’d Like to do before I die:

10.  Visit Germany’s Black Forest before it’s gone;
9.  Conduct a symphony;
8.  Marshal an airplane on the tarmac - I love those light-sticks, don’t you?
7.  Celebrate Fourth of July in the United States with The VanAswegan’s (our South African friends who      celebrate the Fourth of July in Bloemfontein ever year);
6.  Take a family portiat with all of my kids and their spouses and their kids – and have everybody be happy to be there.  Oh! And smile at the same time…
5.  Buy Portia a house;
4.  Make a center for young mothers in Diepsloot where they can safely raise their children.  A place where God is glorified;
3.  Buy Mario a car – a real car that he deserves;
2.  Publish my novel (s);
1.  See the salvation of my whole family – in Biblical proportions!

Top Ten Things I would like to avoid doing:

10.  Get a tattoo (I can’t imagine being a 90-year old woman with some ink drooping)
9.  Offend my friends with tattoos when I say #10.  (It’s good for you guys…)
8.  Get in trouble for leading someone astray;
7.  Bending over backwards (for people who don’t like me anyway) for people to like me;
6.  Breaking a bunch of grammar rules publically;
5.  Burn myself with hot oil;
4. Trip over lawn furniture and slip into a pool, causing death by drowning;
3.  Hurting the hearts of my children;
2. Misalign the Word of God;

1.  Build a life where I am on the throne.  

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