Thursday, October 31, 2013


Grandma and I - 1982

She was the best 
Of all  Grandmas
 Made cookies,
Mush and hot chocolate.

In all of my years -
We went to her house first.
 We sang Happy Birthday -
Before we Trick-or-Treated.

“Is this what she gives out?”
My Dad held up the baggie-
Filled with candy and cookies
More than plenty
For one house….

“She doesn’t have many kids knocking,”
My Mom said. 
She gave all the treats she would buy
to the few-
Who came down to Carbona.
And the most 
to us. 

I remember-
Years later, 
my heart lies hollowed out
The holiday's 

The most tender woman –
I ever knew.

I would wish-
 for my childhood,
If it meant I could go back-

And be with her again...  

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