Tuesday, October 26, 2010


On our bookshelf is a massive publication of academia entitled "William Burke and Francisco de Miranda: The Word and the Deed in Spanish America's Emancipation" written by a man of great knowledge and distinction. His name is Mario Rodriguez...and is (my) Mario's namesake uncle.

A professor at USC, Uncle Mario was someone I never got to meet.

I barely got to read him.

In the University system there is a tongue-in-cheek (but unfortunately true) saying "Publish or Perish"- which conveys to professors that if they're not published (regularly), they are sure to be overlooked by the tenure comittee, their collegues or the University itself when it comes time for a choice position.

The typical university professor isn't sustained by publishing just anything: It has to be specific to his/her specialty field and almost incomprehesibly boring to those that read it. The writing should be lacking in charm and flavor; but be rich in citations and obscure facts that would be otherwise lost in normal education and research. The works are usually read by only those in academic circles unless they are scandalous (!)

Uncle Mario's books are actually well written and understandable, but I never made it through one. Instead, I found the introductory prefaces to be the best parts. It is here that he makes himself known, this mysterious, academic uncle who my husband was named after. The books that took so long to research are introduced in a manner where he exposes his heart (motivation) to begin. His fondness of key colleagues, family and heritage are seen here.

Today's Universities are digital. The classrooms are modified from theater seating to couches and televisions. The new professors are celebrities. Our trade of facts for fun is making us a dumber (and a more gullable) people.

In cruising through internet newspapers today I came upon an author pedaling a book that caught me by its title: How to Rule the World from Your Couch. Catchy title -- and everybody wants to rule the world, right? This woman has a catchy title, a following of many tweeties and great hair. She also gives tips (if you buy her book for $24.00) to:

 • Find and secure your dream job
• Maintain solid relationships, even at a distance
• Lose weight by reclaiming the body you were meant to have
• Know how to spot your perfect mate
• Make better investments and business decisions
• Negotiate differences in the workplace
• Have an understanding relationship with your child
• Identify which opportunities will pan out
• Project a desirable image for yourself or your product
• Anticipate and resolve difficult conflict before you walk into a situation

 Shoot, if I were a clueless idiot, I'd buy it!

 No kidding, this woman claims to be turning people's lives around by "empowering them to believe in the power of intuition to achieve their dreams". In other words, if you trust yourself and your own power to heal your own negative thoughts and feelings, you can set yourself free from any need you ever had. Imagine the actual power to achieve your own dreams!!

It turns out the book was published over a year ago, but I'm sure she's getting to the "publish or perish" stage, so watch Oprah to see what she'll publish next.

I am living my dream. In a way, I never dreamed my life would be this way. I have few places that I wish to go, and only now am waiting for the harvest of God's promises (all of which will come to me, I am sure). 

I guess because I have tons of negative thoughts I can't write a book that cleanses them from you.  There are deep areas of pain in my life -- grief, loss, unforgettable decisions that haunt me.  I miss my family all the time... so much so that it brings me to tears.  

So, when people ask me if I am fulfilled (or happy) I should say "sometimes", but most often I say "YES!"  I have a husband who loves me, and still makes me blush like he's the quarterback looking at me: the skinny acne-faced bookworm. I have lots and lots of friends, some that feel as close as family.  I laugh loudly everyday...I catch myself smiling at stupid stuff.  I love so much...so many... so heartily.  

I don't know if there's a secret formula to making your dreams come true...I don't think there is, but I know people have sold the snake oil of happiness since the beginning of time.  

I do know this: the removal of the name of Jesus - the Savior of the World - from any philosophy or teaching is a senseless waste of time.  Not only a historical figure,  He has become my dream.  His plans for me are "YES" and "Amen".   In the dark grievious places, He is my comfort.  I don't know many happy people who live without Him. He loves me...without reason. He makes me soft when I am prickly.  He is the rock in times when everywhere else is sinking and moving.  I become humble when I catch myself being a clueless and heartless scathing know-it-all. I bow to Him and find peace... but only because He loves me.

So, I have no wisdom inside of myself...just His.  

I do want to know from my generation and the one before me: Is it just me or don't you think we should have learned from Dale Carnegie that someone can remove one's negative thinking and still be a completely clueless moron?


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