Thursday, September 27, 2018


Harmony is nine today, which is very hard to believe!  It's also real and true.

Because we enjoy reading aloud together, especially nonsense rhymes that are easy and fun to say out loud, I decided to place her tribute in a fun, frolicky nonsense rhyme.  

Happy Birthday, my dear Harmony!

Birthday Wishes!

Harmony, oh Harmony—you’re NINE by my clock!
So here are some wishes I wrote on my sock:
I wish you could fly in a seagull-y flock—
With a wingspan so large it would give us a shock.
You could translate the way these birds speak when they squawk!
Then come back and teach us the way seagulls talk.
Harmony, oh Harmony—I love you! You rock!

I wish we could camp on the back of a bear
And make roasted marshmallow fires in his hair.
He’d snore and pass gas, but we wouldn’t much care—
If anyone found us, we’d invite them up there…
“Have a birthday S’more, stranger—and roast if you dare!”
Harmony, where did those NINE years go? Where?

I wish you a birthday with towers of cake
I wish you the joy of a long summer break
I wish you some French fries, fried chicken and steak
With sparkling pictures of life that you take --
The blessings of laughter when you make a mistake,
I wish you the patterns of every snowflake,
I wish you the power to dream, wide awake—
And love—when life fails us—that no one can break

And so, as my silly-sock wishes come true,
You’ll see they’re much more than just one wish (or two)
I wish you the world in a beautiful hue,
To seek out the One who both knows and loves you!
Happy Birthday, Harmony!  I am so proud of you!!

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