Friday, March 20, 2015


Sooner or later every student has to take an incredibly difficult exam and mine was today.  I've taken a few tests since re-entering college - and I thank God that I've done well.  I was dreading today's test in Political Science because our study sheet (one and a half pages of single-spaced bullet subjects) looked like one of  Lemony Snicket's wicked to-do list.

I studied (hard) for a week but still entered our classroom today biting my fingernails.

"Thank God!" Anthony, one of my classmates laughed.  "I thought I was the only one!"

He and a lot of my fellow classmates had similar feelings about the study sheet - after all, we were supposed to know every detail of our (dense) textbook - plus the two nonfiction books we were required to read - plus three chapters from a companion textbook... plus the first three articles of the Constitution.

I sat down with my three Number 2 sharpened pencils and received the test packet from my teacher. Dr. Jeydel is usually a casual, easy-going professor, but as she handed me the text she didn't look at me.  I felt like a convicted felon who was just sentenced to the gallows... but maybe that was my imagination.

There were twenty five multiple choice questions - all about subjects I had managed not to concentrate on.  They were phrased in a way that made me second-guess my first reaction.

As we all know, multiple choice questions give you a chance at getting something right.  BUT today I felt the terrible sense that I would have a better chance at a short answer only test. Let me illustrate what I'm talking about.  This is an example of what I'm talking about (this question was not really on the test):

The Framers of the Constitution saw the Presidency as:  
a. having more power than he has in the present time;
b. having less power than he has in the present time;
c. having neither more nor less power that any president has ever had at any time;
d. fundamentally opposed to the idea that judicial power should rest in the hands of a chief executive which is why they established Article III.
e. None of the above.

By the time I reached the "short answer" questions, my palms were sweating and I felt like calling my Mom.  It was one of those tests.

I hope I passed.  I really do.  All that studying should have meant something.  And I think I studied more about what the President's implied powers, inherent powers, expressed powers, and global concerns were...than what those fricken Framers were thinking!!!

Which is probably where I went wrong.

Did I mention this is an honors class?  God help me!!

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