Saturday, March 14, 2015


Yes.  This is it.  My disorganized paper.

A few days ago I blogged about staying humble in school, which was a mistake.  I should have known that the moment I published that blog I’d be challenged to put my proverbial money where my flipping proverbial mouth was. 

So today I hacked away at my keyboard  as I re-wrote a paper for my freshman composition class.  I had handed it in and my professor handed it back to me, saying that it wasn’t organized properly.  He later lectured, saying that if anyone in the class thought they were an artist they should keep that to themselves and just do the assigned work properly. Then he looked over at me… and I flashed him a dirty look.

Before I get carried away with bagging on my professor, I have to confess that I can be a complete eye-rolling jerk in that class.  We are assigned simple projects, with very short word counts.  Much of our class time is filled with lessons about grammar, which I could probably teach myself (oh, yeah… I gotta stay humble).  My professor takes the class seriously and has to deal with a lot of dishevelment, but I was planning on being his favorite student.

After all, I love writing.  I should ace freshman composition, shouldn't I?

Today I re-worked the assignment... and I found out that he was right.  My essay was poorly organized.  It was pretty interesting and well-written, but poorly organized.   It lacked a good thesis sentence and it didn’t have clear paragraph introductions.  I thought I could get around those requirements if I just used my great writing skills.

It was then when I realized that great writing skills usually include organization.  Damn.

So… I re-wrote it and I’ll turn in my corrected assignment on Tuesday, a week after the rest of the class.  When I told Mario my sad story, he just smiled.

“I got an ‘A’ in freshman composition,” he said.  I could see his cute dimples, but I crossed my arms in front of me.  “But, then again, my teacher liked me.”



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