Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Mario with Dux, his Police dog (1987) not long after I first met him.

Most people who know Mario say that he’s a man you can count on.  So predictable that you can set your watch by him; so dependable that you know something’s wrong if he doesn’t show up.  He’s a master-class teacher in police defensive tactics and a subject matter expert in several areas of skill training.  He also is a father to many and a son to one.

I know him as the best guy I’ve ever met in my entire life.  A tough guy to others, but  one of the most peaceful men I have ever met, able to diffuse chaos just by his unusual authority mixed with humility.  There are few things he boasts about; one is the cross of Jesus Christ. He loves with his whole heart; knows how to shoot the arrows of all five love languages with precision and somehow (by some strange and undeserved miracle) I ended up in his cross-hairs.   He loves me.

I am deeply smitten still. I admire him and stand behind him when the giants come calling. 

Today he turns 60.

 It’s impossible; he can still take on most police academy students  swinging a side-handled baton.  He can think on his feet, remember the most random statistics and give and give and give until he goes to sleep.  How can he be 60??

Every day I thank God that there are men alive like him; I am grateful that I am the object of his affection. 

Happy Birthday, Babe. 

You’re not perfect, God knows that, but you’re beautiful.  I mean truly, truly, beautiful.

Mario - Lake Malawi 2009

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