Sunday, February 9, 2014


The Five Steps to Joy

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There grows, deep in a misty glen,
A tree whose trunk is tall and thin.
And on its branches lives a bird
Whose song of joy is without words.
(I’ll take you there so you can hear,
Such happiness to pierce your ear)
How can he sing, so bright and clear
With rain & mist & darkness near?
The bird sings upwards, not around –
And that explains his happy sound.
He knows for certain, on this limb:
There is a God, and it’s not him.

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Two Cranes with gilded, feather hair –
Will dance together without care.
They bounce along the grass and rock-
As though this is the way they talk.
I’m sure they speak (first one, then two):
“Please, after you!”  “No, after you!”
They’re really lovely ones to see –
I sometimes wish they’d dance with me.
But I can dance, and so can you!
Wherever God will ask us to. 
And dance the best I can, I do!

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Three pigs asleep on a pebbled path,
Have never, ever had a bath.
And yet, they sleep so peacefully –
Because they are so sweetly free.
Their lives are simply warm and sunny.
They have no cares for time or money;
They don’t even know how its spent.
These piggies really are content!
I’m thankful I’m a human being –
But their simple life looks so appealing!

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Four kittens all along a fence –
All wait for Mama in suspense.
Her love is more than food and care,
They know she lives to find them there.
It’s wonderful when we belong -
And have each other to lean upon. 
 Remember this: that you are loved!
Even when you’re scared or shoved.
Your Mama cares so much for you!
And God Himself - He loves you, too!

The Big Five Grandma left behind –
Are all majestic, heart and mind.
Lion – king of all the beasts;
Leopard – hunter in the trees;
Rhino – White and black, so fierce;
Elephant – with giant ears,
And Buffalo (my favorite one!)
I left to live in African sun.

I came to see my big five –
Granddaughters, growing and alive!
It's such a privilege to  see –
The beauty of God’s majesty –
Made perfect in our family. 
(And one more is on the way!)
Another girl (Hooray! Hooray!)  

Dear Harmony, you see in these-
Five steps, your happiness is ease:
To praise our God, even in rain;
To dance like we are born again;
To take delight in simple rest;
To know you’re cherished, loved and blessed.
And last of all, my sweet big five:
Be grateful for your precious life!
Your seed has bloomed where you were planted.
Never take your life for granted!

One, two, three, four, five … oy!

Such simple steps to finding joy!

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