Saturday, May 11, 2013


Me and My Mama, who is solid gold.

I heard two young mothers talking near me while I was waiting in line.  They spoke with such logic and hope and energy and because the subject went to blogging, my ears listened closely to what they said.

“I read her blog everyday,” one of them said.  She was a cute young mother, pushing a stroller back and forth to keep her infant quiet.  “She’s so encouraging!”

“Yeah,” the other young mom said.  She was very pregnant, keeping an eye on her son, playing with a small truck on the carpet next to her.  “I don’t have much time to read.”

“Well, I read it because it’s short,” the other laughed.  I smiled.  They’d get impatient if they read my blog. 

“And I hate getting parenting advice, really,” the pregnant one said.  “I get enough advice from my mom.  She never stops.”

I listened and my heart sank.  I thought of my mother, who didn’t give me much advice unless I asked for it.

I thought of myself, giving parenting advice unsolicited to my daughter...and hearing the same thing.

If I could, I would have broken in on their conversation to tell them one thing:  they are golden.  They are solid gold.  Moms are solid gold... and they don’t hear it enough.

They hear how they are nags.  Their kids tell them they are the ones who stop the joy, lay down the law and set limits that aren’t appreciated.  My own mom did this – and I did it for my kids.

I also prayed constantly for them – still pray constantly for them.  Because inside of a mother’s heart is a non-stop prayer that pleads for God’s mercy on their children.  Mercy and love and breakthrough.  I laughed with them and for them.  My kids were all lit up inside and funny. 

Mothers are constantly tethered to their kids, even if they can’t be there physically.  The two girls in line didn’t yet know what that felt like.  

They’ll feel it when their kids start going out with friends.  They’ll feel it when their kids are at sleepovers.  They will feel it if they ever leave town and leave them behind.

It is an ache, a joy and non-stop prayer to be a mother.

Mothers are golden.  Tell one today that they are solid gold – I guarantee you they don’t hear it enough. 

That’s why we have Mother’s Day.  

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