Monday, February 23, 2015



Studying is a given when you are a student.  At eighteen, studying was optional; at fifty-two it’s mandatory. 

I am living proof that as the human brain gets older, it loses its memory elasticity (this is not a real medical term, it’s just my theory).  When it was eighteen years old , my brain used to be able to remember everything…  Now it needs lots of notes and reminders.  I have a really cool planner that I organize my homework in and it works if I can remember where I put it.

The college has a rule of thumb: for every unit you are taking you should study two hours a week.  A student that is taking twelve units should budget a twenty-four hour study week. 

Unless you are in your fifties, then you have to study longer and harder.  I have to come up with different tricks to remember things, read everything with a highlighter in one hand.  Blogging and networking has taken a back seat to studying. 

I have discovered that micro-nutrients (green veggies and algae powder) combined with multi-vitamins helps me stay alert.  Water is more efficient than coffee (did I actually say that?).  I'm learning to take notes again…  and again… and again.  Annotating, bibliographies, research, critical analysis.  

People ask me why I’m back in school and the answer is so multi-faceted I don’t know where to begin.  “I guess I want to finish,” I say, weakly.  Inside, a stirring is more truthful.  I want to excel at communicating with the written word.  I want to become the best artist I can be under God.  I want to kick ass like I know I can, finish my degree and come out the other side a better person and a better writer. 

Before I do all those things I have to study.  Study, study, study. 

Where is my planner?  My water bottle?  My micro-greens?  


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