Thursday, January 8, 2015


The month of January is named for the Roman god, Janus – a figure depicted by the ancient Romans as having two faces: one looking forward and one looking back.

January is not only a month of new beginnings, it is also a month that forces us to deal with the past year as a block of time that is recently in our past.  As we view 2014, we are aware of a beautiful, fresh year looking back at us.  In enthusiasm and vigor, many of us will follow a path that is familiar; others will reach a fork in the road before we can even start the journey.  There are only two ways to go at this fork:

1.  We Make a New Year’s Resolutions
Our plans for a new year often involve CHANGE – disguised as resolutions.  As a tradition, American people are ready to resolve for the New Year that their lives will now include exercise, eating right, writing or reading more.  We also can resolve to do less of something.  A good percentage of Americans vow to drink and eat less.

2.  We Resolve not to Resolve
Many, Many people have stopped making resolutions because they have disappointed themselves in the past, not being able to live up to the new year’s promises for change.

The term “self-esteem” (as overused as it is) is often misunderstood.  While some believe the term to be defined as “how we feel about ourselves” – a better definition would be “the reputation we have with ourselves.”

Because of our history with ourselves, we might see resolutions as too difficult to keep and therefore don't make them.  Busy schedules, life changes and even our past failures might dampen our enthusiasm and make us shy away from vowing to do anything.

If you want to resolve, it is a brave thing.  An honest look at the status quo of our lives should encourage us to change – no human being wants to stay the same if all is not well.  The most successful resolutions are done with a plan that includes support – no one can change alone. 

This year, I am resolving to further my education – I am frightened and excited at the challenge.  This week I am enrolling in community college courses and getting ready to go back to school at 52.

I’d like to hear from you.  What are your resolutions?  Comment here!!

Blessings and peace on your 2015.