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Once there was a fish that lived in a bowl.  Every day, all day long, he swam furiously from one side of the bowl to the other.  One day, a new fish was dropped into the bowl and watched his bowl-mate with more than just a little curiosity.

On the fifth day, he swam in front of the fish as he trekked from one side to the other.  “What are you doing?”

“Move out of the way!”  the first fish said, swimming around him.  “I’m on a schedule!”

Don’t get in the way of a determined person and their schedule.  Whether you are working out, painting  a house or writing a novel, adhering to a schedule will most likely be part of your plan to succeed.  Schedules are highly underrated.  During NaNoWriMo, schedules are highly suggested for those attempting to write a first draft in 30 days.    

  1.     Schedules are habits of highly successful people.
According to Franklin Covey, identifying and focusing on an activity (that gives you the greatest returns) is one of the keys to time management. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, scheduled people have a way of saving  time and beating work overload – a key source of stress.  

2.  Scheduling an activity makes sure that it will get done.

Setting goals are one thing; accomplishing them is another story.  A story that sometimes has no ending…  When we say that “Writing time is from noon to 2 p.m. everyday” for one month…It is more likely that we will accomplish the goal of a rough draft in 30 days.  

Some people have a word goal – “Every day at noon I will sit down and not get up until I have written one thousand words.”   When it’s scheduled, it’s more likely to get done.

    3.  Make your schedule work for you.

The gym is a good idea.  A trainer is the Nazi who will demand your presence at the gym to meet and sweat.  Making good food is a good idea.  Scheduling a dinner party and shopping for ingredients usually means that your good idea will become a thing of beauty. 

Schedules are stressful sometimes, but remember that it is YOURS.  It won’t look like everyone else’s.  Most people work, some have children.  Late nights are a wonder for some, others prefer early mornings.  Some people are training for marathons, others are full-time caretakers. 

Make your schedule be one you will keep.  And only you can say what that will look like.

A writing schedule, a place to write and a story idea is all you need.  

Now we start.  

Today, set a goal;   Mine is 2500 words a day. 

Let’s go!

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