Friday, September 13, 2013


Across time that stretched-
On metal wings
With engines.  Blissfully sleepy
I stretched my heart  (like
A stressed elastic) from
One end of the world
To another.
Those days
(sighing in the sun)
Those days…

When I returned to
Modern place of welcome
Poverty and wealth
(like warring cousins)
Stirred together
To make the marmalade
Of strength and beauty
Unbeknownst to itself.

Returned to bricks
That made our parlor
Cool and welcoming
With the curtains
Wild and free
Like me…
Like me.

Once I wished for it all.
Them all –
To come to one place.
Where I could live with both.
Now I wish the same.

From there to here.
Now I wish the same.

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