Monday, July 22, 2013




Remember the days of big skies
And red dust walks
Where we lingered in the wild unknown
Of God and men
So unfamiliar?

Those days when
(before they were cut from
The shore like ice
To float away from us)
We loved hard and
It bounced back to us?

You joined them
And I was left behind-
Like a useless appendage
Encouraged To knit….
or something
Else creative
In their normal scheme of things.

Those days when I broke out
And left the place of safety for the thirsty
Hungry friends
Who wanted to hear what He put inside of us.

Remember the moist tension
At night
Before the days of cool air
Were pumped in?
And the summer heat
Stood knocking;
Unable to cross the moat of
Our walls of plenty?

Distant tribal calls are whispers now
Now we wait
Like breathless children –
Dripping with sweat from our play.
Wait for God
To show us
The wild unknown
Of here.

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