Saturday, October 1, 2011


Yvonne and Chris sign their legal paperwork for Marriage  this past Tuesday 

Today, October 1, 2011 is a very special day.  We have just returned from a wedding held on the expansive property we call "Plot 1" where our friend, Petros, has a pre-school.  Today it was the host for a very cool wedding: the wedding of our South African "son" to his beloved girlfriend, Yvonne.

In my haste to make their wedding perfect I forgot my camera, and I have no pictures to post of the event!!

Mario was on and gorgeous as the minister who performed the ceremony, and I can only say that all I did for him was pick out his tie... He was amazing.

The bride (Yvonne) was a blushing bride with her parents by her side until she was handed off to Chris, where the shouting and applause was deafening.  The whole day was so perfect: a result of some very careful planning.  Finely rehearsed dancing (the wedding party knew four or five steps to enter, exit, re-enter and dance for the reception), some very cool volunteering (the cakes, flowers, venue, cooking) in making the day special, and some great family traditions that I admit (as a white, time-driven wedding coordinator) had to be explained.

Such a beautiful day!!

Today, I am pleased to look upon this couple who prepared for marriage as much as they prepared for their wedding, and smile.  It is good to be a part of the whole thing.

But...I am exhausted. So my post is short tonight.

On a different note... my blog appearance has changed.  In the efforts to please its bloggers in a vast "www-ocean" of blogging options, my blog's host has given us all some very "new"  designs for our blog's look.  How do you like it??

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